Marine Transport

Our company is considered an official agent for many international companies, which allows us to provide advanced and integrated solutions in the field of transportation and custom Clearance.

Our company is committed to providing quality services and we work hard to ensure our customers’ satisfaction by providing reliable and efficient solutions across the following ports

-Umm Qasr Port

-Khor Al-Zubair Port

-Maqal Port

Our services include

-Handling at the port

-Unloading the goods (shipped without containers), storing them in the places designated for storage in the port, and loading them on trucks after clearance.

-Paying the delivery order fees for the shipping line and paying the delivery order fees for the General Maritime Transport Company on behalf of the beneficiary

-Custom clearance

-Paying storage fees inside the port and late fines related to the shipping line

-Paying tax exemption fees and custom duties on behalf of the beneficiary

-Delivering the goods to the beneficiary, including retrieving the unloaded containers

-Providing storage places in Basra and places near ports and related services