Main Projects

Since 1976, our company has played a vital role in transporting key materials needed for the development of major infrastructure projects in Iraq. Our services cover various fields such as oil and gas, dams, roads and bridges and electricity, ensuring that essential materials reach project sites efficiently and effectively. Below is a breakdown of our contributions in each field:

-Oil field:
Transportation of equipment and materials: Our company transported basic materials and heavy equipment necessary for the establishment and development of oil fields. We cooperated with international companies such as British Petroleum (BP) and China Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) to ensure that all required materials are available at project sites in a timely manner.
Pipelines: Our company transported the pipes and equipment needed to create pipeline networks linking oil fields, refining sites and ports.

-Dams field: Our company has contributed significantly to transporting the necessary basic materials and equipment such as cement, steel, and heavy engineering equipment to ensure the smooth and sustainable functioning of dams such as Badoush Dam and Darbandikhan Dam.

-Roads and bridges field:
Road and bridge network: Our company transported basic construction materials such as asphalt, cement, steel and concrete barriers used in building and developing the road and bridge network. Our support for infrastructure projects has helped improve connectivity between cities and rural areas
Infrastructure development: Our company contributed to transporting the necessary materials for periodic maintenance and modernization of roads and bridges to ensure their continued effective operation

-Electricity field:
Power generation plants: Our company transported the heavy equipment and basic materials needed to build electrical power generation plants in cooperation with international companies such as Orascom and Lanco. This included gas and steam turbines, electricity generators and control equipment
Distribution networks: We transported electrical cables, poles and transformers necessary to expand and improve electricity distribution networks throughout Iraq

Through these efforts, our company has contributed significantly to achieving significant progress in infrastructure projects in Iraq, which has contributed to enhancing economic development. Thanks to our integrated logistics services, we were able to ensure the availability of essential materials at the right time and place to achieve the completion of these vital projects.

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