Our company provides comprehensive services in the field of goods storage, reloading, consolidation, dismantling, packing and palletizing as well as loading of goods and other types of services related to contract logistics.

Our experienced and efficient staff maintain high standards of storage services with flexible approach to customer needs

Logistics support services

-Storage and distribution of goods
We provide safe and convenient storage spaces for goods as well as fast and efficient distribution services to meet customer needs

-Inventory Management
We provide inventory management services that include planning, monitoring and controlling stored quantities to ensure the availability of goods in the required quantities and at the appropriate times

-Packaging and routing of goods
We pack the goods appropriately and appropriately for transportation, protecting them from damage and damage during shipping and distribution

-Track shipments
We use the latest technologies to track shipments around the clock, allowing customers to easily know the location of their goods at any time

-Logistics operations management
We provide comprehensive logistics operations management services, including strategic planning, implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement

Advantages of logistical support
-Efficiency and accuracy
We are keen to provide services with high efficiency and accuracy to ensure customer satisfaction and achieve their logistical goals

-Flexibility and adaptability
We offer customized solutions that fit each client’s individual needs and requirements, allowing us to adapt to changing challenges