General shipping

We are distinguished by achieving the best, safe and fast shipping experience with the highest standards of quality and efficiency. This achieved through our team consisting of the best employees distinguished by long experience in the fields of custom clearance, custom consultations and transportation of goods, sea and air freight

Why us?

– Long experience

Over 48 years, we have built a solid reputation in the shipping industry, which reflects our commitment to providing the best services

-Strong partnerships

Our agency for more than twenty international companies enables us to provide various options suitable for all shipping requirements

-Outstanding service

Our trained and specialized team always strives to provide the best logistics solutions to our customers with an emphasis on accuracy and reliability

Our services include

-Sea Freight: Comprehensive solutions for sea freight for all types of goods

-Air freight: Fast and reliable transportation of goods around the world

-Land shipping: local and international land transportation services that meet your various needs

-Custom clearance: Simplified and effective custom clearance services to ensure speedy delivery of goods

Our commitment

We are committed to provide the best services to our customers and ensuring their complete satisfaction by providing integrated and flexible shipping solutions that suit changing market requirements.

Thanks to our strong partnerships and long experience, we guarantee a smooth and safe shipping experience