Air Transport

-Extensive experience
We have more than 30 years of experience in the field of air transport, which reflects our ability to deal with various challenges and provide high-quality services

-Specialization in operations management

We specialize in managing air transportation operations, including coordination with airlines and logistics service providers to ensure shipments arrive safely and on time.

-Working in major airports
We provide our services at Baghdad, Basra and Erbil airports, which allows us to cover strategic areas and provide effective services throughout Iraq.

-Advanced technologies
We rely on the latest technologies in air transportation to ensure safety and efficiency in all our operations

-Professional work team
Our team includes a group of the best experts and highly qualified professionals in the field of aviation and air transport

-Global network
We have a global network of partners and offices around the world, enabling us to provide excellent international air transportation services

-Compliance with standards

We adhere to the highest internationally recognized safety and quality standards in all our operations

-Distinguished clients
We are proud to serve many distinguished clients in various sectors, which reflects their confidence in our services

-Continuous innovation
We always strive to innovate and develop our services to meet the changing requirements of the market and customers

-Effective coordination
We have extensive experience in coordinating with airlines and related parties to ensure effective organization and management of flights and air shipments

Via the following airports

-Baghdad International Airport

-Basra International Airport

-Erbil International Airport

Our services:

-Custom clearance
-Handling at the airport
-Paying the costs of delivery and storage orders inside the airport on behalf of the beneficiary
-Paying duties, custom exemptions, and tax exemptions on behalf of the beneficiary

-Delivering the shipment to the beneficiary
-Documenting and authenticating our company’s shipping documents and preparing reports and invoices