Our Scope of Services

    Our scope of services includes but not limited to the following:


    • Custom clearance for temporary & permanent import of cargos and re export, with in house certified clearing agents.
    • Assistance for obtaining Iraq Customs duty Exemptions, Tax deposit exemptions, temporary import approvals, re export approval etc.
    • Handling of cargo at entry points, including loading, offloading, shifting, transshipment, storage & other related activities. Cargos over 50 tons will be handled by ALE
    • Inland transport and delivery to consignee by suitable means. Cargos over 50 tons will be handled by ALE
    • Route survey if required for OOG and special HL cargos.
    • Offloading and erection at site as required.  Cargos over 50 tons will be handled by ALE
    • Payment of official duties, fees, storage and demurrage costs on behalf of consignee (if required)
    • Documentation, CMR, reporting and invoicing.
    • Insurance through local Iraqi insurance company. (if required)
    • Escorting. (if required)
    • Other associated services tailored to customers requirements.
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